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Resolved Question: Nudist dining bar in London?
Yeah looking for a place where I can be naked in public legally and eat stuff, and not in the council swimming pool changing rooms, that went horribly wrong, now I can't watch synchronised swimming acts on tv without wincing. If there are no Nudist dining bars in london I'll have to make one myself, and profit from freedom and love.

Resolved Question: Can anyone recommend a nice 4 or 5 star hotel in kuala lumper beside all major attractions such as dining bars?
I am going to kuala lumper for a two night stopover on way to oz in a fortnight. I would like somone to recommend a luxurious 4 or 5 star hotel beside all major attractions such as shopping, dining, bars and transport etc. thanks

Resolved Question: I am reupholstering 2 dining chairs and 3 bar stools?
They are all in the same room and are in fairly close proximity to each other. Should I cover them all in the same fabric? Or cover the dining chairs in a solid pattern, and the bar stools in a complementing fabric? Thanks

Resolved Question: Dining alone, going to a bar alone?
What do you guys think about people going to a bar, restaurant or cafés alone?

Resolved Question: Table cloth for bar square dining table?
I am having the hardest time looking for a table cloth to cover my square bar dining table. Everything that I find is for oblong and round tables. I also want to buy chair covers, but I dont know if the standard covers will cover the bar dining chairs since they are taller. Does anyone own one of these tables and found covers? Please guide me where to shop.

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