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Resolved Question: Different ways of doing wedding table linens?
Hi i am looking for a different way of doing my linens for the tables at my wedding receptions. The only way people do it now days are either just having a table runner in the middle or doing an organza ruffle thing in the middle. these two ideas are really boring... i am looking for something different

Resolved Question: Cheaper table linen ideas?
We're planning a wedding on a tight budget. (Who isn't, right?) We'll need 20 to cover those long rectangular tables and one for a small cocktail table. Our colors are brown and ivory.

Resolved Question: Table linens!?
Ok this is a new one for me... On your tables what color table linens did you have? Was/is your tablecloth white or match one of your wedding colors? My aunt just offered to make my table linens (she's very talented) and she asked if I want white, silver, or lilac (the colors)... I've never thought about that, I always just assumed white but now that the question is there I don't know. I could do white table clothes with lilac napkins...or lilac with silver napkins, or silver with white and lilac napkins now that's a whole new world opened to me haha so I want to know who's had white tablecloths, have any of you had colored ones? Deborah, yes we are using white roses. Although a sea of silver tablecloths may not be the most appealing to the eye what would be wrong with lilac, just curious?

Resolved Question: Where can I rent/buy table linens?
My venue works with a place, but their color selection is a little lacking. Can anyone reccomend a place to rent or buy table linens from? Or any other suggestions would be great. Thanks 🙂

Resolved Question: Table Linen help!!!!!!?
For my tables at my reception, I would like to have chocolate brown linen and then over that have the champagne linen but I want it to look like this with the chocolate brown underneath and the champagne having the wavy look. My question is, is there something you can buy or clip to make the top linen look this picture? I thought maybe there is clear clips you can buy or another idea to achieve this look? Thank you!! The champagne table cloth is the same size as the chocolate brown. I just want do it so it can show both with the top linen to have that wavy look. Something different than the traditional one table cloth over the table.

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