Electrical And Solar

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Resolved Question: Whats the difference between electrical and solar energy?

Resolved Question: Why doesn't Israel use the Very Hot Southern Negev desert to build electrical solar power plants?
that will generate electricity for the whole state of Israel at a cheaper price. So they can charge their Israeli Customers cheaper prices. Since its cheaper to use the free heat of the Sun to produce electricity. Then to have to pay for coal or oil (imported for Europe or Soth America) to produce electricity.

Resolved Question: How would convert solar energy to electrical energy?
I'm doing a project in Science Club and me and the other people in club are wondering about how we could convert solar energy into electrical energy on a system?

Resolved Question: How is electrical energy produced from solar?
how does solar energy work? how does it produce energy?

Resolved Question: Solar/Electrical Circuit Design?
I have two 3.4 Watt, 6 volt solar panels wired into series to generate 12v. This 12 volts ( theoretical max 650ma) goes into a DC-DC power converter, which steps down from 12 Volts to 5 volts, and boosts the current (converter outputting a theoretical max of 1.3A). When I put a load on the (DC-DC 12 volt in, 5 volt out) converter, the voltage on my panels drops from 12 to ~4.75 - eliminating most output current. Q1.**Is this because I need a diode in between the panels and the transformer? Will a diode stop the panels plummeting from 12V to 4.75? Q2.**I cant figure out if I have to add a battery into the system, so I can charge modern devices with safety chips in their batteries. I am basically hoping that the transformer will provide a clean enough voltage that the phones/etc will charge. Please note I had two part question! Thanks for the help!

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