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Electrical Connectors And Ties

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Electrical Connectors And Ties
Resolved Question: Removing electrical wires from connectors?
I come across electrical wire connectors often and they are varied.I find it difficult and sometime impossible to remove a wire from a connector without damaging the wire or the connector. Is there anyone who know how to handle these?

Resolved Question: How do I connect a snap connector to a wire? HELP!? 9V Snap connector This wire? Do I tie it? Do I just push it in? Electrical tape? Long life connection? What? Will doing that kill me? Or do you mean long life for the batteries?

Resolved Question: What should I do? Electrical question...?
I have a 2000 Chevy blazer with hitch and electric hookup that was installed by the GM dealership. Overtime the 4 prong outlet I use for towing our boat has been corroded. I got a tester and the only thing that works is the lights, not the brake or turn signal lights. Do I get a new kit, or cut the wiring and reattach a new 4 prong connector?

Resolved Question: Are speaker power connectors standard?
I just bought a pair of speakers and the connector wire from the car does not fit the speaker? Do I need to get some sort of adapter or do I need to find speakers that have the same connection?

Resolved Question: Is there a way to determine if there are weak connectors in a television before purchasing?
I am not talking about improperly functioning connectors just connectors that are easily separated by light jostling. Our Samsung Plasma TV has recently broken largely due to a poor connector. It contained 2 ribbon cables, near the top, that were held on with snapping connectors that easily became loose. In order for the TV to function properly they needed to be in a very exact location with little to no room for error. These thin plastic connectors became damaged because of heat (we watch a little too much TV for our own good) and no longer can hold these cables. I have a little experience with electronics and robotics and I for the life of me cannot believe that such an essential component was held on with such a weak connector and i would not have purchased this TV knowing this ( actually i find it quite insulting to the customer) Is there any way to learn about the quality of the TV's construction or quality of its electrical components such as wire connectors or circuitry before purchasing it ( i some how doubt i can just as a sales rep to remove the back of a TV so i can examine it)

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