Electrical Switches And Outlets

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Resolved Question: Electrical switch/outlet wiring?
I want to wire a switch/outlet combo to control my router in a table. All I want is for the switch to control power to the outlet -- nothing else. The switch/outlet has five screws -- ground, N, A1 and two common. When i wired the black wire to A1 and the white to the opposite common, the breaker tripped. If I move the white to the N screw, it works, but this setup doesn't seem to make sense to me. I connect the switch/outlet combo via a standard 3-wire cord to a wall outlet. A side issue is that I can't insert the router power plug into the combo's outlet. It only goes in about half way.

Resolved Question: Electrical outlets?
How come sometimes you have to turn the prongs on the cord upside down to fit into the sockets? It doesn't seem to be the outlet, because I can plug in other things w/o turning their prongs upside down; yet it doesn't seem to be the prongs because I can plug them into different outlets w/o turning them upside down either?

Resolved Question: Switched Electrical Outlet?
I have several electrical outlets that have the top receptacle constant on and the bottom on a switch. When the light switch is switched on, all the bottom receptacles in the room turn on. If I wanted some of these outlets to be constant on, could I replace them, not break off the connecting tab and just wire-nut the "switched" hot wire and leave it in the box? I am just checking if this is a "NEVER DO" type of thing or if it is considered acceptable.

Resolved Question: The electrical switches/outlets in my master bedroom do not work, no power? HELP?
The electrical switches/outlets in my master bedroom do not work, no power? The electrical outlets in my master bedroom and the room next to it do not work. The rooms are upstairs. The other two rooms upstairs are fine. The bathroom didn’t have power either but I hit the reset button on my blow dryer (it has a reset button) and all the power came back in the bathroom but not the bedrooms. I reset the breaker (which was not tripped) and its still not working. I didn’t find any GFCI outlets in the bedroom. What could my problem be? Yes, I turned the breaker off and on. I looked for the gfci in the bedroom but could not find one. I did reset the gfci in the restroom and got the restroom working but not the bedroom.

Resolved Question: Electrical outlets????
We had a dishwasher installed that plugs into the outlet which controls the garbage disposal. When the switch is turned on to use the garbage disposal, the dishwasher automatically turns on, meaning we have to unplug the dishwasher to use the garbage disposal. This also means, when we want to use the dishwasher, we have to go under the sink and unplug the garbage disposal. All of this is a major inconvenience. How can I remedy this, where both appliances are plugged into the same outlet but able to work independently? Thank you! Error in question. The switch has to be "on" for the dishwasher to work, which turns on the garbage disposal. To use the dishwasher, we have to unplug the garbage disposal. I apologize for the misleading information. This outlet is controlled by a light switch near the sink. The light switch has to be in the "on" position for either to work, which I guess is obvious as it is the controlling switch for the garbage disposal. (A subcontractor for Sears installed the dishwasher. just fyi)

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