Extension Cords

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Extension Cords
Resolved Question: Electrical outlet extension cords???
are electric outlet extension cords dangerous??? what can make them dangerous??

Resolved Question: OSHA Requirements on Extension Cords?
Does anyone know if OSHA does or does NOT allow for replacing the ends on extension cords?

Resolved Question: Ground for Extension Cord?
I have a heavy duty extension cord for power equipment. The ground (third prong) broke off of it (I don't know how or when). If I plug this cord that doesn't have a grounding prong into, say, a surge protector that does have a grounding prong and I plug that into the wall, will the extension cord be grounded?

Resolved Question: 220 volt extension cord?
I need a 25 foot extension cord for my arc welder. The outlet is 50 amps and in my garage. There are some things I need to weld that I can only get to my driveway and not close to the outlet. What gauge wire should I use to make the extension cord?

Resolved Question: All outdoor extension cords okay in snow?
Excuse the possibly stupid question, but if an extension cord is marked "outdoor" but also has a distinct warning to not use when wet, do I need to worry about its relatively long use in the snow? Or does the warning only apply to the more obvious "don't use if the contact points are wet"? This is for Christmas lights.

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