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Resolved Question: What causes lippage on a granite tile floor?
what causes lippage on a granite floor? i had someone install granite tiles in my bedroom and the lippage isn't too bad i must say but 2 or 3 tiles do have A LOT of lippage...was wondering why that would be? thanks so much in advance!

Resolved Question: Granite flooring?
We are thinking of installing granite tile flooring in kitchen, hallway and dinning area. What are the pros and cons of Granite flooring. We live in CA, We have 2 big dogs. Retailer is advising us against it saying it gets too cool in winter, Bad for knees Any suggesions. Thanks

Resolved Question: Granite Tile Floors On the Second Floor?
I was wondering if I could put Granite Tile Floors in my bedroom on the second floor of my house. Right now its carpet, but we are going to redo it. There are hardwood floors underneath the carpet. So could I tile the granite on the wood floors?

Resolved Question: Granite floor tiles?
I have been give some granite floor tiles, how do I lay them and can I lay them onto existing ceramic floor tiles. I cannot afford a proper floor tiler.

Resolved Question: Howdo you make granite tile floors to shine?
I mop and mop my granite tile floor to shine and it still comes out dull. I used bleach that didn't work please help.

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