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Resolved Question: Tile floors?
is there different flooring that i could install over tile?

Resolved Question: Small bathroom tile floor...?
I'm having a small bathroom remodled. The floor isn't perfectly rectangular, there are some uneven areas because of the tub. I would like the opinion of a profession tiler (should there be one put there, somewhere)...should the floor tiles always be centered, or start lined up against a wall? Also, should the grout be completely dry before sealing it? Thanks.

Resolved Question: Removing nail polish on tile floor?
Some red nail polish was spilled on my tile bathroom floor. What can I use to remove it? Nail polish remover would be an obvious choice, but it only removes the glob of polish and not the color. Any suggestions?

Resolved Question: Snap together tile flooring?
Is the snap together tile flooring okay to use in the kitchen if there is a possible runover of the sink? (not that that will ever happen??)

Resolved Question: Cleaning groutingon tiled floor?
How do I clean the grout on my tiled floor. It has become quite discoloured over the last two years, especially in the kitchen. I live in a company apartment and it is very important that it is kept sparkling clean. There are very pale, large, "limestone" tiles throughout with matching grout. Thank you. Uncle vinny, I am reporting you.

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