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Resolved Question: Any one can provide Rugs And Carpets Buying Tips?
Any one can provide Rugs And Carpets Buying Tips

Resolved Question: Should I get Rugs or Carpet?
We're moving into an 850-sqft place with all hardwood floors. We are thinking about putting in either rugs or carpet for the WHOLE PLACE (except bathroom and kitchen) because we have a 1 year old who could really use the extra cushion. Which is more cost-efficient? Where can I get quality rugs/carpet at a bargain?

Resolved Question: Question about finding a rug / carpet?
I have a new apartment with wood floors and need to soften up part of it for sitting, yoga, stuff like this. I love Persian rugs but can't afford one. I'm wondering, what about an area rug that is basically carpet you would find in somebody's house... only not installed or glued to the floor. Just a roll of carpet. I don't know the terminology. This doesn't have to be fancy. What is the best way to go about getting such a thing? Do carpet stores have surplus carpeting laying around if you don't particularly care about style or size? Thanks for any replies.

Resolved Question: DIY rug/carpet cleaning?
I don't have the cash to rent a rug doctor. I have a large white rug in my living room and I guess from walking around the house with no socks on, there is a 2'x6' area that is darker than the rest, along with a few stains from spilled drinks. I have a bottle of some carpet cleaning foam with a cheap scrubber on the end but it's just too small to cover that large of an area. So I'm thinking a bucket and a rag might be the best option. I have since bought a small bathroom size mat over the area my feet go on but I'd like to clean it still. So maybe a bucket of warm water with a dab of dishwashing liquid detergent? Or some baking soda? I also don't want to get so many suds in there to where I have to keep scrubbing with a rag and water only 5-10 times to get all the cleanser out. Any ideas?

Resolved Question: How to remove rugs from the carpet?
Hi yahoo answers give me a suggestions to remove the rugs from the carpet..

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