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Resolved Question: Websites for bedroom furniture?
I want new bedroom furniture. I like dark colors, modern, simple, teenager style, and comfortable. Do you know any websites where they might sell furniture like this. It doesn't have to be everything I listed, but pretty close. I'd also like it if the website had a desk that matches the bedroom set. Nothing too pricey (under $2,500) and pretty good quality. Thank You! Also, if you know a website where I can find accessories (lamps, sheets, ect.), then pleas list! Thanks again.

Resolved Question: How can I refinish my bedroom furniture?
My bedroom furniture is worth about $5000, it came from my grandmas, it is all over 50 years old. It is called Hitchcock furniture. Tips or advice on all steps to refinish it? Help please!

Resolved Question: What colour bedroom furniture?
I am going to be re-decorating my room with Green and silver wallpaper on one wall and painting all the other walls with a lightish grey colour, so I was thinking about white furniture but I just wanted some extra advice about if this would be a good choice, and also what accent colour could I use in my room, if you don't think white is a good choice for furniture then what colour would you suggest that I use. Thanks for all the answers, I really appreciate them. If you have links to any websites that could be useful then please put them in your answer. What colour bedsheets would you suggest? Thank you 🙂

Resolved Question: French style bedroom furniture - HELP!?
I'm looking to do my bedroom up, and I want it in the typical french chateau style. Problem is, being a teenager means that I'm relying on my parents to fund the room (which they will be happy to do) however I have limited funds. I need to get a suite (single 3ft 6in bed frame approx. wardrobe, large chest of draws, possibly a small chest of draws and a dressing table would be nice.) I'm not bothered about it being antique or anything like that. I have researched and everything is very expensive. I can't seem to find a bed under 450 pounds as I dont want a steel frame I want wood, I'm aware it is hard to find this cheaply. Does anyone know where I might find this style furniture for a cheaper price? (something more in my price range) No stupid answers please. Thanks.

Resolved Question: Cheap, quality bedroom furniture..?
I'm trying to get some furniture for my bedroom, mostly I'm looking for a headboard, a bedside table and a chest for my clothes.. Any sites or stores that might have cheap, quality stuff for me? (:

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