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Resolved Question: Kitchen furniture in Hyderabad?
I am from Hyderabad & looking to change my kitchen furniture. Does someone knows any reputed interior company who can help me out.

Resolved Question: Kitchen furniture help....?
in some kitchens there are center islands which is a counter in the middle of the kicthen used to eat snacks or something lyk this (the center "table") where kud i find chairs for it ...i have a dark jade green counter with cherrywood cabinets...wut kind os chairs wud look good???thnx

Resolved Question: Kitchen Furniture?
Me and my beautiful wife are scouting for some good looking kitchen furniture that would go great with our white marble countertops. I don't want to spend much too much, thats why I'm looking online to find some better deals. Can anybody provide me with a good selection of kitchen furniture?

Resolved Question: What is this ? Antique kitchen furniture ?
Picture here; Three pieces counting table top; top is white & black trimmed porceline metal & it pulls out some, has sifter, bread box & far right drawer is metal. 1392 white is stamped on the back of the bottom piece. I really want to know what it is called, when it was made, & if posable who made it.

Resolved Question: Using a folding table and chairs as kitchen furniture? Need a woman's opinion.?
I just moved into a new apartment. I'm single, young 20's and make some pretty good coin. I know I could buy something more classy than a folding table and folding chairs to use in my dining area, but I also have student loans to pay back and plan on relocating a bit in the future. I guess my logic is that folding chairs and tables are durable, easy to move, and more practical than real furniture. Let me know if this sounds cheap or tacky, I don't want dates to think I'm cheap or anything (I'm not, I'm just practical). Please advise, I appreciate your thoughts.

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