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Resolved Question: Garden .. putting bark under childrens play item ...?
do i have to put any type underlay down or treatment to put bark under childs play items in garden ? thanks in advance x

Resolved Question: Making the most of my backyard- questions about bird viewing, container gardens, and childrens' outdoor play?
My family and I have recently moved from the US to the UK and we've found ourselves with alot of questions about how we can make the most of our backyard. Bird Viewing- We've made about a dozen plastic bottle bird feeders and hung them around the yard. We've also hung several fat balls from the trees. The bird feeders are not getting much attention, however we've had to replace the fat balls twice already, they are being eaten so fast. Is there a reason our feeders might not be getting the same attention as the fat balls? We've also set up a bird bath, however no birds seem interested in it. We've read that birds are more drawn to the sounds of gently splashing water and so a bird fountain might be more successful, is that true? We would like to set up a nesting bag in our yard, with supplies for the birds to make nests out of such as string. What common household items should we put or not put in the nesting bag? We've been told to put our pets excess hair (after we clean out their brush) into the nesting bag, however that seems more like it would scare the birds away, to smell a predator? Container Gardening- We've never had a garden before, though we've always wanted to. Since we are renting the property, we don't want to mess up our landlord's grass with a garden, however the patio is large and we thought we could manage a nice container garden outside, but we don't know where to start. How do we know which plants would thrive well in our climate? How do we know how often to water them? What are good beginner plants and what size containers would they need? Basically any advice to get us started on the right path would be greatly appreciated, regarding container gardening. Childrens' Outdoor Play- We have a 14 month old, as well as friends/neighboors with slightly older children who may play in our backyard. We've already purchased a sandbox & small pool, we also have some outdoor balls and such. How can we make our backyard more child-friendly environment? safe as well as fun?

Resolved Question: Childrens book of books 1999 poem?
does any1 know the name of the poem in the childrens book of books 1999. it goes like this he was standing in my garden looked at me and asked my name said once he used to live here but it didn't look the same ...

Resolved Question: Are we putting fear of paedophiles over our childrens quality of life?
I moved to my current house particularly because the garden backs on to fields. I imagined my children disappearing for hours at a time in the fields, capturing tadpoles in the stream and climbing trees that I have told them not to climb. Eventually someone will break an arm. It will be fixed, and a lesson will have been learnt. They will return exhausted, filthy and enriched. They will have been on their own, private adventure. They may have been naughty, perhaps they have not - but they have had freedom. As my daughter is only 3, clearly I am not already sending her off down the fields. But when I mentioned this dream to a friend she was horrified "You can't do that!" she exclaimed "What about paedophiles and things?" OK. The alternative is that she has a room like every other kid in Britain. TV, DVD, Xbox, Robot (which will be played with on Xmas day and never again), lap top, PC, etc etc etc. Her friends will be made online. Her evenings will be spent 'texting' or 'IMing'. She will not climb trees. She will not tear her trousers and lie about how she did it. She will not run, screaming and laughing, with a jumper full of the local landowners apples. She will not be extended the courtesy of trust - trust that she will go out and play, and come back for tea. She will grow up, with a deep desire to be famous. "Famous for doing what?" I will ask. "Just famous" she will reply. Her relationships will be short. Having communicated soley by text or computer throughout her formative years, she will lack social nuances and grace. Her first boyfriend will dump her by text. Thankfully, due to the nature of text messages, she too will be able to quickly and ruthlessly shed persons who care about her. She will have little or no understanding of the value of possessions. As her small room gets fuller and fuller with the latest 'must have' gadgets, the other gadgets, yearned for and pleaded for only months before will languish at the back of a cupboard. When she first leaves home she will be shocked at how much things cost. Though being accustomed to having everything she wants, she will take on debt to continue the life she is used to. Trainers will be Nike, ketchup will be Heinz and moisturizer will be Clinique. A product or item of clothing without a 'label' will be anathema to her. And so, my little childs intensely enquiring mind will grow. Watching tv in her room (who would want to watch tv with their parents? Hah! There might be risk of conversation!). She will not have chores, she will simply be handed money, weekly, without question. She will not do anything to help at all in fact. She will not help her mother make dinner, she will not learn gradually her mothers tricks and secrets in the kitchen, ensuring she too is a good cook when she leaves home. She will not read (why read when your room has a tv?!) She will not learn to use her own imagination. She will be frequently bored. This bordem will be relieved by buying things. Buying things (ie shopping) will in fact become a hobby. She will not collect tadpoles, she will not spy on local teenagers snogging. She will not fashion a highly dangerous and illegal go-cart and she will not break her collarbone missing the corner and slamming into the next door neighbours garage. She will not fall into the stream and ruin her brand new shoes. Her pocket money will not be stopped for a week. She will not make a den. She not abandon the den when, shrieking with disgust, a used condom is found in it. She will not climb trees. But hey - she won't be caught by the paedophile will she?

Resolved Question: Does any one know what this late 90s educational childrens game is?
Basically there was a cartoon man i think it was, or somekind of animalman haha. You could grow your own vegetable and pick them then use them in the kitchen to bake things with, iv been wrecking my brain for so long and i cant for the life of me remember what its called. I can only remember some details like there was a fridge and a big bowl in the kitchen and the Garden was full of things to use. Any ideas? sorry its so vague! x

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