Fertilizer Soil Amendments

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Fertilizer Soil Amendments
Resolved Question: Are these soil amendments or fertilizers?
I have some banana peels that are burned crisp. I also have some wood chips that are completely burned and I've been storing them in bags. Can I use these as fertilizer or soil amendments? If I can use it as a fertilizer, how do I do so? Do I simply mix it in with my soil, or will that burn my plants? And if so, how much do I add to how much soil? What is the ratio, if any? Please help. Thanks.

Resolved Question: Can you lay sod without putting down a fertilizer first or soil amendment?

Resolved Question: Are inorganic fertilizers bad to the soil...?
Are inorganic fertilizers bad to the soil...if so can the total consumption be converted into organic one. What effects they have other than leaching erosion high soil ph.

Resolved Question: Can someone please help me in my Bio-tech project.. Its about making a bio-fertilizer for incresing N content.?
As i have said, its about making a bio-fertilizer to improve the soil's nitrogen content... Well, i have a procedure to make the fertilizer.. but the problem arises, when i have to show others that the fertilizer that i have made is working indeed... so, can some one suggest me some procedure for measuring some quantity, from a plant that i plant in that, fertilized soil, like protein estimation or something that would help in my venture.. I honestly thank you in advance for rendering you help.. Please do find me some solution.... my email id is ' meetharishkarthik@gmail.com '..... Please help me.....

Resolved Question: Miracle Gro Fertilizer HELP?
I have purchased some Miracle Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil which I mixed into the native soil with the new Four O' clocks I planted. It says it's a natural fertilizer, both quick and slow release. The fertilizer analysis on it says 0.10 - 0.05 - 0.10 It's located here http://www.scotts.com/smg/catalog/productTemplate.jsp?proId=prod70308&itemId=cat80014&tabs=general I want to fertilze some older ones I already have had in the ground for three years. They've never been fertilized, and are growing slowly this year. My only confusion is that what I have already purchased states to mix with native soil, plant your plants and then water. Well, since these that I am wanting to fertilize, the older ones are already planted, could I just sprinkle some of this Miracle Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil around those, shake any off of the foliage and water? If not someone mentioned I should get the 6-6-6. How do I use this that I already have to fertilze my older plants?

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