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Resolved Question: Wedding gift lists?
does anyone know any good websites for wedding gifts - need to create a gift list for my wedding and cant find any decent sites. Best answer gets the points Thanks

Resolved Question: What are the advantages of not ploughing the land?
and also pls mention disadvantages,

Resolved Question: Guns/supplies/tips for surviving SHTF or WROL?
Please give web links or book titles for SHTF or WROL preparation. We live in an affluent neighborhood 20-30 miles N-NE of downtown Dallas. Our daughters are living in campus housing in Austin (200 miles away) and Stanford (1,700 miles away). For a middle-age couple and 2 daughters in college, what would be the minimum amount of canned/dry food, clean water, gasoline, medical supplies? How long should we plan for before help arrives (from the government?? -- They didn't do much during Katrina) ==== We have NO hunting skills or "wilderness survival" skills. The closest we get to hunting for food is deciding whether it's Outback or Red Lobster for dinner 🙁 If we were starting from scratch, with exactly a 12-month time-frame, what stockpile would we need? How many handguns or rifles and what calibers would we need (assuming SHTF or WROL happened during school breaks). If SHTF happens while school is in session, how does the kid from California get to us? We assume it will be a game-time decision whether we drive to Austin (and back) or the kid goes to us. Note: We already have a 9mm Beretta 92FS and Taurus 1911 45 ACP (and about 1k rounds for each). And I reload both calibers for practice. Thanks!!

Resolved Question: I have a "portable" gazebo and would like lighting for it so we can use it after dark. Suggestions?
It's a metal gazebo not a pop up. It comes with a hook installed already to hang a light or chandelier. Hard to find a chandelier online for outdoor use. Don't want solar...they don't work very well in my opinion. Also don't want flame because canopy is flammable. Amy suggestions on what to get or where to shop?

Resolved Question: Help from bee keepers?
I am a new bee keeper, living in Berkshire. I have recently found a swarm of bees in my garden and I put it into a newly bought national beehive, complete apart from super boxes. They have now been in it for just over 2 days and they seem to be liking the hive which suggests that the queen is safely in there. We have tried feeding the sugar syrup from a saucer but they have paid no attention. They do, however, enjoy natural honey put out for them on the bottom of a bedside table with the draws taken out. They are buzzing around the hive a lot when it is warm and sunny but less when it is raining and cold which I suppose is natural behaviour. I have heard that super boxes and feeders are important for bee keeping. There may be other necessities which I am not aware of. Please could you tell me what else I might need and where I could buy it from. I have bought the beehive and everything inside it (brood chamber, frames, wax sheets, queen excluder, floor, roof) along with a smoker from Thorne, a bee keeper's shop. I will soon be ordering a hat and veil from Amazon. Please could you help?

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