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Resolved Question: A 10ft Gazebo backing onto our garden fence, is this legal?
Just moved into a brand new home (UK), and have a 6ft wooden panelled parameter fence around our garden. The house backing onto our back garden have today constructed a 10ft metal Gazebo which backs onto our 6ft fence, its obviously clearly visible to us, and we don't like it. Is there anything we can do to oppose this?

Resolved Question: Support plant box next to fence?
I want to build a large plant/garden box along the fence at the rear of my backyard. Reason being that the 4.5ft running along the length of the fence slopes down (towards the fence), so the space is otherwise not usable. The slope is about 2 ft in height. Of course I can't just pile dirt up against the fence in order to level that area, but I would like to build a supported box maybe 3 x 20 in order to fill with dirt and plant a garden or flowers etc. I am also thinking to make use of the structure I would also add some seating to it (ie wide front top ledge, or seat at the front). Question is how should i start it - I know it would have to be first create some support for the back/rear wall and legs so that there is no pressure against the fence. Any ideas on how to start? Trying not to have to dig fence posts.....

Resolved Question: I am building a timber fence!?
I am building a timber fence! The timber i have purchased is pre treated, is this enough before i concrete in the posts! also i plan to varnish the fence opposed to wood stain as it looks better. Its only a small front garden fence do you think this will be okay?

Resolved Question: In the UK what is the maximum height for a rear garden fence adjacent to public pavement?
I know it's 6 foot for adjacent to another private property, but is there a higher allowance for roadsides and pavements?

Resolved Question: I am putting in a 86 inch garden fence....?
it is to keep my 75 lb dog out. it will be about 3-3.5 feet high. I will use 4X4s as posts, and attach 3 wood beams between each. On the back will be green mesh, but the wood will be the main structure. I will have a will be smaller, and made up of 2x4s and hinge to one of the 4x4 posts. How deep should i dig my posts. My initial thought was about 2 ft...but i wasnt sure. Should I dig my post with the hinge deeper than the rest? thanks! also...would pouring concrete in the hole vs just leaving the post and filling it in and packing it in make a difference? What kind of concrete? would quikcrete work? Thanks all, p.s. I=I=I=I=I that is kinda what it will look like, with one of those sections being slightly smaller and off the ground, as it will be a door on hinges and have a clasp. Also there will be 3 horizontal if you have any suggestions or warnings for my building please add them.

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