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Resolved Question: Garden Plants?
My son lives in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. His birthday is next month and he has asked me to take him to a local garden centre and buy him some plants to stock his ragged garden. The garden is east facing (so sunny, but also not that warm), he doesn't know what soil he has (acid, alkaline, chalky, etc) and i need to find some easy, low-maintenance plants for him, but also something with a bit of colour. I am compiling a list from the huge RHS book, but can anyone help me make that list a bit longer? Also, if i can't get them from a garden centre, what is a good website to order from? Thank you all SO much for responding to this question. I have extended it for 4 days. Have made a long list, and also tried to email all respondents. Am very grateful. Bless you all. Barry.

Resolved Question: Organic Gardening For Plants?
I am new to organic gardening and want to know what plants can be grown in this way. I an not sure as to which flowering plants can benefit from organic gardening.

Resolved Question: Japanese garden plants?
hey im about to make a Japanese garden and i was wondering what plants i should use i know that im going to use Japanese maples what else should i use and do u have any tips for me to?

Resolved Question: Oriental Garden Plants?
I'm looking to create an oriental 'feature' in my garden around my flowering cherry tree, and i'm wondering what type of plants could I get that are oriental. I've heard of the Japanese minature cherry and the Magnolia Grandiflora, however some others would be fantastic! Thank you!

Resolved Question: Butterfly Garden Plants?
What kind of plants/flowers would go in a Butterfly garden

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