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Resolved Question: Wiring a outdoor light?
I just got a new light for the garden and removed the little grey box that had the wiring in which has two three core cables both with red black and bare earth wires, I can get it to work but not switch off so where am I going wrong? Any help would be great cheers.

Resolved Question: Low Voltage outdoor lighting?
I have a low voltage ooutdoor lighting system and need to switch one set to the other how do I get the old lights off to connect to the other wire and what are the steps to connecting.I am a woman so patience is a virtual..thanks for your help..

Resolved Question: How to install outdoor lighting?
Installation for roof corner. Security reasons.

Resolved Question: Outdoor lights for my patio?
Does anybody know where I might find some reasonably priced, energy efficient outdoor lights for my new patio?

Resolved Question: Suggestions for outdoor portrait lighting?
Hi all. I am upgrading camera bodies (from a D60 to a D200) and one of the things I want to do is get more into professional portrait lighting. As it is, I have no external flash, just a 5-in-1 40" circular reflector I've used with ambient lighting for a couple friends' senior portraits. What should I be looking for to delve into outdoor portraiture with flash? I'd prefer something I could use outdoors for a shoot, as well as in my basement, which I am planning to convert to a small studio at some point in the near future. Does such an animal exist? Use for outdoors would be more prominent, but when I do opt for studio-type portraits, I'd like to be able to add on to what I already have, instead of buying completely different lamps. I've never used a speedlight or strobe, so tips on using one would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!

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