Pest And Weed Control

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Resolved Question: Starting a termite/pest/weed control business, any advice?
I'm jobless and the future is not looking good. I have a BS in Environmental Chemistry and was thinking about starting a termite/pest/weed & ornamental control company. Is there money to make in this industry? What other service industries are profitable?


Resolved Question: Biological control of pests/weeds in NZ?
for biology i have to do research on biological control by choosing a pest or weed and researching one method of biological control used for this pest or weed in New Zealand What would be the easiest or have the most information about it?

Resolved Question: Lawn fertilizer and pest control question?
Can you spread weed & feed and lawn pest control at the same time or should I wait between the two applications? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Fleas purposelly planted by pest control?
1 week after fleas appeared at home, the pest control people showed up soliciting sales. Did they plant fleas to get sales? Could it be that the pest control people purposely plant fleas and then come soliciting sales? Or is it just that each May is the flea season in Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas?

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