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Resolved Question: Best soil for patio pots and window boxes?
I want to plant a container garden of herbs and vegetables. I'm using Miracle Grow potting soil right now and I can't tell if it's really effective or when I need to renew it. Can someone help me please?

Resolved Question: Empty planter box?
I need some flowers to go into this shady planter box? It gets full shade. zone 8b. I would prefer blooming flowers till fall. heres that picture.

Resolved Question: I want to plant veggies but my planter box has roots in it?
So i want to plant lettuce and strawberries in my planter box outside my apt window. there is enough space it's a really deep box. there are a lot of weeds/other plants in it and i weeded it out the other day but there are still lots of roots in it. should I remove the roots? or can i just start planting them? the soil has fertilizer in it already and didnt seem to be used that often, looks like it's all there from wind blowing weeds. any tips on how i should go about growing my lettuce and strawberries?

Resolved Question: Do I need perlite for an annual window box?
I bought organic soil for my window box of coleus and snapdragons, but I forgot the perlite. Do I really need it, or can I go ahead and put the plants in without it? Thank you. I know it's inert, but it does aerate the soil, doesn't it? Yes, I know what inert means. Did I imply somehow that I didn't? I appreciate all of the answers, but please folks, do read the question first. Can anyone answer the actual question, whether perlite will aerate the soil so that I dare not plant without it? Thank you.

Resolved Question: How would strawberries do in a window box?
I live in NH and am currently growing some herbs (basil, parsley, oregano) in a window box, and wanted to do some other edibles too like strawberries. My only real concern is whether the roots would have enough depth to grow well, anyone have any tips on growing these guys? I was going to transfer a plant from a hanging pot from a store, any tips on feeding, proper soil drainage, watering, and root depth especially are much appreciated!

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