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Resolved Question: When should I start to plant seeds and bulbs?
I live in IL right on the border near Iowa...When do I plant I have lived in my house for three yrs and never planted I am bound and determined to this year! lol I really like Tulips....really anything.....What can I plant now?

Resolved Question: Seeds, bulb & plant catalog?
We used to get a catalog with bunch of plants for sale, but I have no idea what it was called. Anyone know of one?

Resolved Question: When is The Best Time to Plant Seeds and Summer Bulbs?
It's pretty dry right now, and though the ground is still quite workable, I'm wondering if it's better to wait till we've gotten a little rain before sowing my summer seeds and planting my summer bulbs (mostly daihlias)? Or is it better to sow on dry ground? Or does it not really matter much at all, so long as I consistently water the planted areas?

Resolved Question: Planting seeds, bulbs?
Hello, I have planted some seeds and bulbs in July and August of last year, even though some said to plant in early or late is may now and I don't see them coming through hasnt been to warm this season, but I am still hoping. I am in Northern California. Also I planted some sunflower seeds in August and they too dont seem to pop through yet, even though I heard that they are not picky... Also poppies...should I still hope or plant some more flowers?

Resolved Question: What are the best result from planting seeds or flower bulbs?

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