Heating And Cooling

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Resolved Question: Question About Heating and Cooling?
List things in your home that are used to reduce unwanted heat loss. Explain the properties they have that make them suited for this purpose.

Resolved Question: Experiment on geothermal heating and cooling!?
I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas on an science fair experiment that I could do on geothermal heating and cooling! Thanks!

Resolved Question: Physics: Heating and Cooling Question?
Can someone show me how to work this out, thanks 0.5kg of ice at 0°C is mixed with 0.10kg of steam at 100°C. What will be the final temperature?

Resolved Question: Heating and Cooling?
I have no idea how to do this... Any help please? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Questions on heating & cooling...help?!?
I need help with these questions, they are level 6, and will come in my test: 1. Two beakers have water in - one beaker has twice the amount of water as the other beaker. If you heat both beakers the same amount, the temperature of the beaker with half the volume of water does no increase twice as quickly as the other beaker. Suggest why. 2. Becca is lying on the floor of the living room at home. The living room is on the ground floor. When the door is opened she feels a cold draught. Explain why this happens in as much detail as you can. 3. Sketch a graph of steam being turned into solid ice. On each section of the graph, label what is happening. can you just tell me how I could draw and label it? thanks. 4. Aerogel is a much better insulator than fibreglass. Suggest a reason why we still use fibreglass as insulation in houses instead of using aerogel. 5. You often see chefs on TV use a cloth to hold pans. What is the difference between their pans and the ones you use at home? 6. When it rains the ground gets wet. Explain how it becomes dry again afterwards. please explain!! thanks. please explain them .. i don't have knowledge of this information and forgot my science books in school. i dont want to fail these Level 6 questions .

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