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Resolved Question: Is there an ac air filter on my 1999 1/2 silverado 1/2 ton?
if so where

Resolved Question: Mechanics! how does the heat and ac work starting from air filter?
pictures will help!

Resolved Question: Humming noise comming from AC Air filter??
This noise just appeared out of no where today....its right where the air fliter is.....we live in an apartment and they change those things for us but what could this noise be??....

Resolved Question: Looking for info on Mueller Climatrol AC (model 943118X001) Installed around 1975 needs new air filter?
We have a Mueller Climatrol AC (model 943118X001) installed around 1975 we were told it needs a new air filter, but we are unsure of the unit specs and how difficult it would be to try and replace it? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

Resolved Question: What is the quietest air filter for central ac?
I live in a 3 floor condo with my parents and the AC vent that sucks in all the air is right next to where I sleep. All I can say is its NOISY! I took the vent cover off and low and behold their is a Filter and the air traveling through it is making a ton of wind noise. Do they make more quiet filters by any chance? Thanks for all the helpful answers. After browsing around a bit I am going to purchase this Supposedly this will stop all the noise and replace the massive filter inside the duct works by mounting this where the return grille is. Hopefully this will help.

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