Air Conditioners

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Resolved Question: Component of air conditioner?
1.compressor 2.condenser 3.evaporator Can you express their function? Thank you very much~:))))

Resolved Question: Good quality air conditioner?
im looking for a good quality air conditioner, we bought one once well where the exhaust gave more heat then the the ac gave it self, we need it as soon as ramadan as were going to be having to not drink or eat from sunrise to sunset and now in hot hot climate and where can i get one?

Resolved Question: How long do air conditioners last?
air conditioners

Resolved Question: 110v or 220v air conditioner?
What the energy diffrence on air conditioners using 110 or 210 i was thinking of upgrading from 14000 btu to 24000 however have the change outlet is it worth it?

Resolved Question: How an air conditioner works.....?
How is heat removed from air in an air conditioner?

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