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Resolved Question: Why would an electric furnace heating system utilize a two-stage thermostat?

Resolved Question: How to get a new furnace (air condition/heating) system through insurance claim?
is there anything i can do to get a new furnace by my homeowners insurance. It is a very old furnace that will break down any day now and it does not pump air through all 3 stories of our house?? how do i file this claim?

Resolved Question: Heating systems?
I am going through the details of building a house and i am still debating about heating systems other than oil. Does anyone know anything about pellet boilers - i would like to hear both positive and negative issues about them. Also we are thinking of having a super warm home? any responses on this

Resolved Question: [heating system] Oil Furnace and Woodstove?
at my house, we have both and we use wood stove mostly because it's cheap, and occasionally oil furnace. But even we have them, I don't know how they actually work. Could anyone answer for a couple questions for me? Q1 Why wood stove is cheaper than oil furnace? Q2 How does oil furnace work? For wood stove, you put wood and it'll make fire, how about oil furnace?? How does that make heat?? Thank you

Resolved Question: Coleman Split-Heat pump heating system furnace?
Hello, I have a coleman split-heatpump system... It does both heat and A/C... Lately when I have used the (heat option) outside it frosts over like its freezing up... Now I never experienced this before except for in the summer time when it had a a/c freeon leak... Any Idea's?

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