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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Humidifiers
Resolved Question: Mildew from humidifier?
ok so i need a humidifier for my dry skin.but i heard it causes mildew so how can i get rid of the mildew if i buy one

Resolved Question: Should I be using a humidifier?
My 7 m.o. twins keep waking up with hard, bloody boogers in their noses... I live in a desert climate, should I be humidifying their room at night? Or use saline drops or what. I'm here to learn. Thank you for being kind.

Resolved Question: Dehumidifiers or Humidifier?
My room is pretty much closed off. I do have windows but when I open them i don't get any fresh air because they open up into our walled up connected patio which smells like old dusty nasty air. Even worse just last year when it was cold and rainy my room developed mold in the closet we couldn't afford to rip off the walls and add new ones like we should so we cleaned and disinfected as much as we could no mold to be seem but smell still lingers and also I have asthma I feel like I also breathe I Dust mites or something even though I clean my room inside out I just feel like with no des hair bad air and dust just stays. Would a dehumidifier work? I've done some research about it for the mold smell and stuff or is it the Himidifier I have to get for clean air ? If so of which of the two please suggest a brand or recommendation as well i would really appreciate it.

Resolved Question: How to clean humidifier filter?
how do i clean a humidifier filter?

Resolved Question: What are humidifiers for?
are they good for you? my eyes are always watery and nose stuffed... would it help me? what are the benefits?

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