Portable Space Heaters

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Resolved Question: Portable Space Heaters?
I am trying to find a portable space heater that can be used in attics, crawl spaces, etc. It is for a present for someone that works with power tools and should not wear gloves and other warmers. Any thoughts or ideas? I would like to find one that is battery operated. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Electric portable space heater?
I need to know if there is a space heater can go up to 95 degrees and where can i get one. I'm starting bikram yoga. Please give me some sites thanks

Resolved Question: I need some suggestions for buying portable space heaters?
My very old farmhouse (which I rent) does not have a consistent heat source, or heat of any kind. I rely on space heaters in the winter, but this can get expensive when it gets very cold. Any suggestions for a good, energy-efficient space heater?

Resolved Question: Can a portable electric space heater melt paint off the walls.?
So, a wall in my living room is falling down. When the ll came to look at it 3 wks ago he said it was no big deal, just normal wear & tear. Last night my bf spoke to him about fixing it since we have heard nothing in the past 3 weeks, and he claims that we have an electric space heater in the apt. that apparently we have turned up so high, that it is causing the wall to fall apart, by melting the paint. We do not even own an electric heater, let alone have one in our apartment. He is just trying to milk us for money for the repairs. My question is this. Can a portable electric space heater get hot enough to melt the paint off the walls? Also, how can I prove, fight his claim that we have an electric heater when we do not. Thanks

Resolved Question: Is using natural gas to heat an entire house cheaper than using a portable electric space heater?
Hi, We have a large two story house and we usually use a portable electric heater to heat whatever room we are in. We have it running basically 24/7 during the winter. A family member told us that it is much cheaper to run our heater (which is natural gas powered) throughout the entire home since gas is cheaper. We have the vents closed in rooms that we do not spend much time in. What is everyone's experience?

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