Water Heaters

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Water Heaters
Resolved Question: Water heater?
how do you drain the water heater, or is this necessary?

Resolved Question: Demand And Storage Water Heaters?
How are those water heaters differ from each other?

Resolved Question: Tankless hot water heater?
How does a tankless hot water heater work, how does it heat water so fast? My mother was curious.

Resolved Question: About my water heater?????????????
I live in a small apartment my water heater is 4' could that be the reason why we only get 7 min. of hot water? I'd like to take longer showers but will this problem be impossible with a 4' water heater?

Resolved Question: How effecient is a modern water heater?
for natural gas and electric since electric has no vent then it is 100% effecient minus what heat warms the room (so would depend on room temperature) a new natural gas furnace is said to be 80-90% effecient, so only 20-10% of the heat goes up the chimney? how does this compare to a water heater? (if you are using it continuously and not counting the heat lost while it sits idle full of hot water.) thanks

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