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Resolved Question: Typical energy usage for appliances?
Develop a PSPICE Model of the electrical circuit for a small house. Use typical usage and find energy requirements. Define requirements for 5 room lights, 1 small refrigerator, 1 small electrical powered HVAC unit (2 ton), 1 dishwasher, 1 clothes dryer, 10 receptacles 120V, 2A. Show the energy requirements (KWH). I am working on this project for my electrical engineering class. I can't seem to find certain energy usages. The ones I still need are the usage for 5 room lights(I can have just one usage and multiply it by 5 🙂 ), HVAC unit 2 ton, and the receptacles(120V, 2A). Any help would be great.

Resolved Question: For tooth975: TMJ appliance question?
Yesterday I got my TMJ appliance and it kind of looks like the most upper one in this picture I have a retruded chin, extreme overbite, popping jaw. and i have closed lock with reduction. When I wear the appliance, my bottom teeth hit this part of the appliance that makes them go forward. I'm supposed to wear them for about 3-4 months. My concern is that I'm unable pop my jaw out with the appliance in, which I am able to do without. My orthodontist said to keep trying until I am able to. I'm somewhat nervous that if I do manage to pop my jaw out it will get stuck and lock. Also another concern is that when I had my appliance in for a couple of hours, I get like a mini anxiety attack because I feel like there's a need to take it out (which I did.. :/) and tried to pop my jaw in place, which ended up it getting locked and for a couple of seconds before it unlocked When it unlocked my jaw started to click for a few moments. Should I just keep my appliance it and try to ignore my occasional anxiety attacks or should I talk to my orthodontist about it?

Resolved Question: What is a Web Appliance?
(It may someday be in your kitchen)

Resolved Question: Electrical Appliances?
If an electrical appliance is turned off, does it still generate electricity when plugged in versus not being plugged in?

Resolved Question: Herbst Appliance?!!? ?
im getting the Herbst Appliance thing tomorrow and i'm wondering if it changes how you talk or your outside mouth looks? but my main question is can i still make out with it in?

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