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Resolved Question: Need help identifying a Kenmore dishwasher part?
Our dishwasher is not draining and the water is yucky and dirty. The place where it drains at the back right of the diswasher is brown and gunky and looks like it needs to be cleaned out. I looked online at the owners manual and I dont see this part identified to be able to repair/clean it. Does anyone have any idea what it is and how I can repair it or clean it on my own? Thanks!! Model: Kenmore 363.1435198

Resolved Question: Where can I get a dishwasher part for cheap?
I have a 3 year old dishwasher, my tenant did something to mess it up (it's electrical). I paid for an appliance worker to diagnose the error code, he said the new part will cost $225 plus tax and shipping to order plus $165 for him to replacce - practically the cost of a new dishwasher. What a waste it will be to replace it considering the impact on the environment for a hunk of metal and plastic to take up space in a landfill when it's only 3 years old and needs a new part. Is there a place to get parts for cheap if they're not sold in regular stores? He won't even tell me the name of the part unless I agree to buy it and for him to replace it.

Resolved Question: Dishwasher Parts.. I want to repair dishwashers?
I want to repair dishwashers, where can I buy parts. I live in Atlanta Ga

Resolved Question: Where can i find vintage GM frigidaire dishwasher parts?

Resolved Question: Where I can buy parts for my dishwasher?
I have a Signature Dishwasher brand dishwasher (Model EF24010 in my condo. I recently noticed a leak from the back of my unit. I took the part in to Home Depot, and they did not carry any part like that and recommended that i try using the internet to find it. Well, what'ya know? I cant seem to find a place to purchase it. Does anyone know anywhere I can go or visit online? I do not want to call a guy to come out and charge me an arm and a leg. *the piece is a long and wide white tube that is located in the back of the unit, right down the center. It looks like it transports water to the spinning wand for the top rack. (I know my descriptions are terrible, bare with me)

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