Dishwashers Built-In

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Resolved Question: Buying or building dishwasher stand?
I'm going to be installing a 23 1/9" wide built in dishwasher. Depth is 24 1/2" and the height is 35 1/4". Does anyone know of any dishwasher stands/cabinets that are prebuilt? I haven't been able to find any. If not, what wood would I need to complete this project? I want to build a stand to surround the dishwasher and another 24" section on top to house our microwave, but I am very new to woodwork.

Resolved Question: How to install dishwasher in built in cabinets.?
We bought a house that was built in the 1930's and we want to install a dishwasher. The kitchen looks like it was updated sometime after the house was built but the cabinets are all custom built in and none of the openings are 24" wide. We know we will have to loose 2 doors and drawers in order to have a dishwasher but is there a way to do this that is better than another way. We plan to put a door for a trash can in the extra space left. The doors are 18" each so there will be about 14" left over.

Resolved Question: Can a job as a dishwasher build a work ethic, make money, create self-estem, and lead to future success?
One person projects snobbery into the question...amazing!

Resolved Question: Replacing a built in dishwasher?
I have this dishwasher that is driving me nuts. Not only will it not drain all of the way it is now etching every piece of glass I put in it. I am done with it. I dont care how old it is it is gone. My only question is that when Home depot installed my kitchen counters and cabinets they left very little space for a dishwasher. I feel like my present dishwasher is jammed in there as it is. There is this piece of wood in between my oven and my dishwasher that was placed there as an accent piece so you don't see what is behind it. As it is I have a little of hard time getting it to close. I have to push the door to the right just to get it to close right. I have looked and tried to see how to remove the wood piece but it looks pretty solid no screws or bolts that I can see. I think it needs to be shaved down or gotten rid of all together. I do not want to go and by a new dishwasher only to be told that it wont fit. Any help thanks

Resolved Question: Installing a built-in dishwasher?
Anyone know any websites that will give directions on how to install a built-in dishwasher and what we will need to buy to do it, we are not currently set up for a dishwasher, have never had one. So we are starting from scratch here.

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