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Resolved Question: Portable dishwasher?
does anyone own a portable dishwasher? i saw one on and it seemed ok. but i read a post on and it sounded so difficult to hook up. is that the case?

Resolved Question: How do you unclog a portable dishwasher?
We have a Kenmore/MD Electric portable dishwasher - white, that recently it hasn't been draining. At the most it's been a trickle and we had to use a turkey baster to remove the water from the bottom. We checked the drain hose and so forth, and they are clear, so the clog is in the dishwasher itself. We were able to pull some food out of it and that helped a little, but what is the best way to finish unclogging it? Do we run it through a cycle empty with Drano in the soap dispenser, do we need to virtually dismantle the machine, or what?

Resolved Question: What is a good portable dishwasher?
Looking at a Danby portable dishwasher. Reviews seems good (epinions) but not sure how reliable the reviews are. Also cannot find locally.

Resolved Question: Portable Dishwasher?
I'm looking to get a portable dishwasher - the kind that connect to the kitchen sink - for my apartment. I'm wondering how well they work. Can anyone share their experience with a portable dishwasher? Thanks.

Resolved Question: Looking for portable dishwasher?
I have been looking for a used portable dishwasher and I have tried emailing people on craigs list but I don't think the emails are going through right. If anyone knows where I can get a used or cheap portable dishwasher please let me know. I am expecting any time now so the sooner the better. Thanks

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