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Resolved Question: Problems with Kenmore Dishwasher?
My kenmore elite dishwasher is not functioning properly as it is leaving a residue on dishes. Do you have any ideas as to what the problem could be? I think it may be caused by the filter. The model number is 8575285. Any help would be appreciated.

Resolved Question: What do i need to do to install a dishwasher?
We are going to purchase a dishwasher, but our house hasnt had one before, so we are unsure what we need to do. We are DIY-phobic, so we need any and all advise possible!

Resolved Question: Why is cutlery rusting in dishwasher?
Is there any reason why my dishwasher would be rusting some of my cutlery? Is there something in the salt/tablets that increases the chance of rust? I've got knives that have never shown any sign of rust for years of hand washing, and then yesterday, in one wash in the dishwasher, it does...

Resolved Question: Installing a dishwasher?
I have a home that has never had a dishwasher.. I would like to install this dishwasher that I have, but all of the installation advice I find is for replacing an old washer...can anyone help me? (yes, I know it would be easier to hire someone, but I just can't afford it) thanks so much

Resolved Question: Dishwasher?
What is the best way to clean a dishwasher so it is germ free

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