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Resolved Question: Where can you get a good deal on major appliances? such as refrigerators. even last years models.?
where can you get a good deal on major appliances? such as refrigerators. even last years models.

Resolved Question: After 5 years, is it worth it to puchase a service warranty on major appliances?
I have had a service warranty policy on my washer, dryer, stove for the past 5 years. While it gets a little more expensive each year to renewal, this is the first time the renewal fee had dramatically doubled as opposed to just a few dollars increase from the previous year (it will cost about $100 to warranty each appliance for one year). Does anyone know if an appliance is worth paying for the warranty after 5 years, or would it make more sense just to go without one and get a new appliance when and if it does break? I appreciate any suggestions.

Resolved Question: Major appliance repair book?
Anyone know of a good repair book for home appliances

Resolved Question: Which store has the best prices on major appliances in DC metro area?

Resolved Question: How come Walmart doesn't sell major appliances?
(e. g. ) Electric Dishwashers Refrigerators Ranges Clothes Washers Clothes Dryers

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