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Resolved Question: What to use to clean old dirt on car body?
I have a 2006 Altima which I allowed to go without a car wash for a year, I had scores of blankets in the trunk that I was trying to take to a laundromat to wash, but it was a big job and it took me forever to get there. In the meantime, I was afraid if I gave the car a good wash, water would get into the trunk and make the blankets moldy. So during that year, dust collected on the roof and hood that doesn't wash off easily with a car wash. I wondered if you had any recommendations for products, preferably something I would just have around the house, that I could use to get rid of that grime. I'm not afraid to use elbow grease, too. Thanking in advance for any input. Gosh, guys, this is a toughy. Larry, as a female with her hands in dishwater all the time, I think I have used Scotchbrite before and I believe it's more like plastic than steel wool .... I believe it will remove the "crud," as been there, done that. calls it., but hopefully no paint. But, otherwise, thank you all for the input. Thank you, too, been there ... the stuff at the auto parts store sounds interesting. I'm just trying to work with what I've got first though. . Steve, I happen to have a scrubber for the stove's glass cooktop that makes me think of what you said, so that might work. I had read on Yahoo! that WD40 works well on cars, having many uses apparently. I also wonder about goo be gone and just plain baking soda. I think baking soda might leave a dull finish, though. Again, thanks everyone, for your help! My car will be shinier 🙂

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