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Resolved Question: What are the pros and cons of kitchen ranges vs. separate ovens and cooktops?
Separate cooking appliances cost far more than a standard range. A wall oven costs about $800 alone, and a cooktop about $300. A range can cost about half of the total, and appears to take up less space in the kitchen than two separates.

Resolved Question: What is the min. clearance between a microwave oven and a range cooktop?
Planning to install an above range microwave oven and was wondering if their is a UBC/VA/FHA minimum clearance from the bottom of the microwave to the top of the range cooktop.

Resolved Question: I have a kenmore cooktop range and the oven isnt working?
there is no voltage going to the heating elements and the door isnt locking. does the lock activate the oven? What should I do?

Resolved Question: Looking for a double oven range?
I am wanting to buy a double oven range electric. Does anyone have any suggestions? No stainless steel. What about the satina finish?

Resolved Question: Wiring a range (inbuilt oven and cooktop) in place of separate wall oven and cooktop.?
Hello friends, Need your suggestion here.renovating my kitchen and replaced my old cooktop and wall oven with a new kenmore electric range.I have 2 separate circuits coming from the breaker panel (with 30A breakers on each).Now i need to wire my new range(sears.ca item no. 223 650 373 10).Now my question is can i join the same live wires from the 2 old circuits (each for old cooktop and wall oven) to divide the load equally on both circuits? As this range is going to take more amps so i need thicker conductor too.i got 10 gauge wires on both circuits but i think i would need 8 gauge wires for this new range.So would it serve my purpose?thanks

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