Range Hoods

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Range Hoods
Resolved Question: Is a kitchen range hood necessary?
We're in the process of remodeling our kitchen and are wondering if a range hood is a necessity.

Resolved Question: Painting oven range hood?
my oven hood range is peeling. I've got some high-temp appliance paint. Should I remove the hood to paint it or just tape off and cover the area around it? what about the old paint, should I just sand down the whole thing? Ok If I buy a new range hood will I have to replace the fan and all or can I just get a new shell. I'm not really wanting to mess with the electrical part of it to much

Resolved Question: Range hood height?

Resolved Question: Range Hood CFM?
We are getting a new range hood for our home. What is a recommended CFM we should get. Is there a guideline or something to help you determine what you need? I would rather not pay the extra money for more power if I don't need it.

Resolved Question: Removing Range Hood - Question?
Hi, I'm going to remove my range hood. Is this a shell around the fan, duct. etc or does all that have to come off as well?

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