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Resolved Question: Flat Range Stove question?
Are they as good as the coil electric stoves? Are they more of a pain to clean than the appeal is worth? And is it true you can't use copper pots/pans on it?

Resolved Question: Range (stove) tops... opinions on radiant?
We are buying a house, the current stove is a radiant top. The stove is also white, and we are probably going to buy a fridge when we move in, and then we will probably replace the dishwasher as well. We won't close for a couple months, so it will be a while before I get to test out the radiant cooking surface. The reason for writing this is that we want stainless steel appliances.... but on the other hand we could just buy white ones to match the stove and save some money. It just depends on if we like the radiant cooking surface. What are your opinions on radiant ranges compared to standard electric ranges? (no point in talking about gas, it is definitely superior in my opinion, but we would have to have a gas line installed)

Resolved Question: Hooking up an electric range (stove)...?
I have Black (hot), White (N), and Green (grnd) wires coming from the wall. Is there a way to hook this up to a stove which has the additional Red (hot) wire? My old stove was hooked up, I just didn't pay attention as to how. Please help...Thank you. To the first answerer- it was hard wired to begin with Thanks -bare b- ... got it hooked up

Resolved Question: Older double oven range stove?
The house we are buying has a huge older stove in the kitchen.It haas no digital anything-it has the flip numbers on teh clock.It has an oven up top(like where a microwave goes) 4 eyes and then an oven on bottom.I don't know the age but I am guessing 80's.It works,I turned the eyes on,plus the oven,the lights work as does the clock.My question is would it be feasable to keep it?Would it use more energy than a newer oven? I am no expert on stoves,but kind of like the idea of having two ovens.

Resolved Question: Where can one purchase a used Corning range(stove)?

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