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Resolved Question: Need help refrigerator/freezer compressor?
We had an electrical outage due to a snowstorm. When the power was being repaired to our house is went on and off several times very quickly before the power company finally got it to stay on. Now my compressor wont come back on in my refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen. I tried unplugging it and waiting a minute I also turned the thermostat off then back on. I hear a click bit nothing comes on. I looked inside the unit and I see no resets. Any ideas? (The fan is running fine.) Thanks.

Resolved Question: Old refrigerator / freezer question?
I have an old refrigerator / freezer (Philco, probably 40 years old) which is not working right. It runs, but doesn't stay cold. The fan in the feezer runs, & i can hear the compressor run. I took some of the inside panels out, & saw that the "coils" (or whatever you call them) were froze solid. I thawed out everything, put it all back together, and it worked for several weeks, but now it is staying around 55 degrees in the fridge, but if i take the cover off where the fan is inside the back of the freezer, it is froze solid again. I don't want to buy a different fridge (lost my job of 20 yrs) if i don't have to, and i've heard that the newer ones are built to have problems. I'd rather keep the older one, if feasible. Does anyone know why it would freeze up, yet not stay cold? Also, even when it seemed to be working correctly, ice cream in the freezer was always soft, but generally the other things in the freezer seemed ok. I always thought it maybe had something to do with the auto defrost. Now, when it freezes up, there is frost on the back wall of the freezer, so maybe the drain is froze / blocked up, as one answerer said. Thanks for the good info so far, i appreciate it!

Resolved Question: Is my refrigerator freezer working properly this way?
I purchased a new refrigerator Model #: W4TXNWFWQ Whirlpool and its very good with keeping the food cold , however I placed a temperature thermometer in the freezer and it is and old round type bimetallic needle indicator typical item ion almost any store. and its about 7 years old . so when I checked the freezer when I just heard the refrigerator turned on to cool again , the reading on the thermometer is 10 degree's then when the refrigerator shuts off the reading is 0 degree's, I did the same check a few days later and the temperature was 18 degree same as before just starting to to turn on the cool . and 0 at shut off , then the last try back to 10 degree's on turn on to cool and 0 again at the shut off, so is my thermometer going bad or do the top freezer type refrigerators vary in the starting temperature's to cool mode ?

Resolved Question: Refrigerator without freezer door?
Our refrigerator does not have the freezer door because part of it is damaged. Will that cost us much as electric bill is concern?

Resolved Question: Refrigerator and freezer smell?
Recently our freezer started smelling awful and now its carried over to the refrigerator as well.. we cleaned it all out, checked for bad or smelly food and found nothing.. bleached the entire thing out, and placed open boxes of baking soda in there. its been about a week and its carrying over to the whole kitchen. The maintenance man wasnt very helpful and just said that its cold enough and working properly but had no idea why it would smell. Also im pregnant and the smells making me quite nauseous. Please help!

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