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Resolved Question: Looking for model numbers of mini fridges you can turn into a kegerator..anyones out there? 1/4 bar?
OK I Seee by the answers so far no one is readin the here is more details... I KNOW how to convert the fridge... I HAVE the conversion kit. I am just asking what models of fridge I should look at...this will should be answered by people that made kegerators already OR have someone they know that made them...are we somewhat more clear on what I am asking for now? AND I want a mini fridge...NOT a full size one...thanks!!

Resolved Question: Kegerator?
How do i make a Kegerator and what do i need to make it?? please let me know

Resolved Question: Is thier a good Mini Fridge to use for a 16 gallon Kegerator?
I'm having trouble locating a mini fridge that would hold a standard 16 gallon keg. The compressor usually always seems to be at the bottom in the back which makes it so thier is not enough room to shut the door with a 16 gallon in there. I already have the Kegerator conversion kit so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good mini fridge that would work for this conversion with out major modification?

Resolved Question: Want to make mini fridge into kegerator?
so i have a mini fridge that i want to convert to a kegerator. First off yes a quarter barrel and six barrel will fit. Im looking to get a kit. where is the best place to get a conversion kit and brands of kits? please tell me specifics, no suggestions as to look online i already have, im just looking for some insight from people who have done this.

Resolved Question: Kegerator!?
how do i build a kegerator from a dorm room fridge ( the mini ones that hold about two cases of beer cans)

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