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Resolved Question: Are TVs, computers, refrigerators and other electornics considered Home Furnishings?
Are TVs, computers, refrigerators and other electornics considered Home Furnishings? We are asked to spend down our "assets" to be eligible for medicaid. One of those ways are to spend on Home Furnishings. The term Home Furnishings seems so vague but common sense would tell me these are "furnitures". But after reading the definition online, it got me confused: "fur·nish·ing (fûrn-shng) n. 1. A piece of equipment necessary or useful for comfort or convenience. 2. furnishings The furniture, appliances, and other movable articles in a home or other building. 3. furnishings Wearing apparel and accessories." So... Are TVs, computers, refrigerators and other electornics considered Home Furnishings? Just wanted to read more inputs about this but I am assuming that the best way is to ask for their "law articles.. and its specifics".. on what they TRULY consider HOME FURNISHINGS.. but I doubt it's easy to ask for such (in my exp, these medicaid workers have so much varying information that rarely are they truly helpful.. not that I can really blame them.. it can be a very frustrating work).

Resolved Question: What is the cheapest place to order replacement parts for a maytag refrigerator?
The model # is CTB1502ARW. we need to replace the crisper pan (which is the fruit and vegetable drawer) and one of the shelves that goes inside the door.

Resolved Question: I just got a whirlpool gold French door bottom freezer refrigerator with in door ice maker, model #GI6SARXXF?
We just had the fridge delivered and installed about 5 days ago, and a plumber hooked up the water line for us. The water dispenser is working just fine, but it's not making any ice! The function has not been turned off on the electronic control on the front if the door, so I don't know what's wrong. I can't seem to find a switch or lever on the inside of the ice maker to turn it on. Please help!

Resolved Question: Is it cheaper to repair a refrigerator defrost fan motor?
A new one is $50 bucks! So... am I to believe it is impossible to repair-rebuild an (EVAPORATOR) fan motor for under $50.00? Are the bearings/ bushings irreplaceable? are the windings not possible to be rewound? Are we indeed talking about a broken vase from the Ming Dynasty? If you can't answer the question, a simple "I don't know." would get you the two points. Also, if it is not possible to repair the item for under fifty dollars, you could at least offer an opinion as to exactly why this is so.

Resolved Question: Refrigerator for tractor sleeper?
My son just started driving long haul and wants to put a refrigerator in his sleeper. Having trouble finding reliable information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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