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Resolved Question: What are portable washer/dryers?
I live in a small 1-bedroom apartment WITHOUT hookups and have always had a huge problem with getting my clothes washed. A friend mentioned portable washer/dryers, but I have no idea what they are. Do they work well? How small are they, and what sort of loads are they adequate for? How do they hook up to a sink, and what sort of problems are involved with this? What is the average apartment complex's policy towards these washer/dryers? And of course, where might I find more information on them? I don't have a lot of money, so I'd need ot know just how durable and reliable they are BEFORE I buy one.

Resolved Question: What can you tell me about washer/dryers?
Are they any good? Have you had one? Do you have one? Any brands to go for or others to particularly avoid? Are they suitable for family use? Any experiences on washer/dryers greatly appreciated.

Resolved Question: Question About Washers And Dryers!?
1.What is the container that is in the spinner of the washer? 2.What's the purpose of it? 3.What's a good washer that you recommend that is a part of the LG Brand? 4.What's a good dryer that you recommend that is a part of the LG Brand? 5.Other than LG,what is a good washer and dryer?

Resolved Question: Energy Efficient Washers and Dryers??
How soon do energy efficient washers and dryers pay themselves off? Can you see the results immidiatly? What are the normal price points? Is it really worth it in the long run? OK................... all i really wanted was opinions of people who have them and if anyone knew statistics. you dont have to be condisending.

Resolved Question: Front loading washer and dryers?
I have been considering the front loading washer and dryer from LG. Apparently these washers and dryers can be stacked one on top of the other to save space. Do you have to put the washer on top or can you have the washer on the bottom and the dryer on top?

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