Electric Dryers

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Electric Dryers
Resolved Question: Gas And Electric Clothes Dryers?
How are gas dryers differ from the electric counterpart in design and operation?

Resolved Question: Electric Dryers...?
I bought a used electric dryer, It was in great condtion and worker wonderfully the first few weeks but all of a sudden it stopped putting out hot air and now only cold air.. Everything is working fine expect for the air not being hot. i tried to adjust the settings and even cleaned out the lil bit of lint that was in the dryer and still have had no results... What can I do to fix this problem so I can start using my dryer again? Serious answers only please..

Resolved Question: Is it true that electric hand dryers in the restrooms blow bacteria on you hands?
i think its kinda gross that you have to touch most of them to start them up.

Resolved Question: How do electric tumbler dryers work?
Can anybody tell me the individual components of an electric tumbler dryer and what the components do? Also, a circuit diagram would be nice 🙂

Resolved Question: Are electric clothes dryers generally 110v or 220v?

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