Gas Dryers

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Gas Dryers
Resolved Question: Gas And Electric Clothes Dryers?
How are gas dryers differ from the electric counterpart in design and operation?

Resolved Question: Are electric or gas dryers and stoves cheaper to run/better quality?
Which dry clothes better and are more cost-efficient? For the stoves do you prefer gas or electric and why? Which are cheaper to use?

Resolved Question: What is duradrum interiors for gas dryers?
duradrum interior for gas dryers

Resolved Question: Do electric dryers take longer to dry clothes than gas dryers?
We're moving into a new house that has electric hook-up, no gas. Our dryer now is gas. Should we pay to extend the gas line from the furnace in the attic, or buy an electric dryer? I'm just concerned with dry time. Our washer doesn't leave much water at the end of the wash cycle.

Resolved Question: Do the majority of homes in Asheville, NC have hookups for electric or gas dryers?
We may be moving there in about a year, and I am also in the market for a dryer right now. I don't want to buy a gas dryer now, only to get to Asheville and find out all the homes use electric dryers, or vice versa. Thanks for your help!

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