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Resolved Question: If a condo/apartment has shared laundry, how hard would it be to put washer/dryer in your own suite?
I really like a condo that I found, the only downside so far is the shared laundry, I don't want to do that and so I was wondering if there is the space for a washer/dryer, how difficult would it be to do this or is it even possible? I know the outlets are different and that water access would be needed, could a second bathroom be changed into a laundry room? Thanks Assuming it is a dryer like this one: To install the washer, you'll need a water hookup and a standard electrical outlet. No outside venting is necessary, because the dryer cycles use a ventless condensing system. Clothes are dried from within the drum; the water that's extracted from the clothes drains through the drum and out the water pump. The process takes a little longer than conventional drying, but the trade-off may be worth it for many apartment dwellers who don't have vent access. The unit runs on standard electricity; no gas line is needed.

Resolved Question: Slumlord realtor is selling my washer and dryer as part of new tenants agreement? Help?
I am more than disgusted with this. I have the top 2 floors of a house. I rent them and there is a shared basement with 4 hookups for laundry which are clearly marked for the tenants on "apartment 1" and "2". My landlord goes through a rental agency who are known to be slumlords. The agent, who I can hear through the walls, has been telling the new renters who come in that the brand new washer and dryer downstairs are free for them to use as they wish. Just so he can get his commission. They are hooked up to my hot water heater and electric. These people think they are getting a great deal and in the meantime I will have some person I don't know jacking up my electric and gas bill. How can I stop this?

Resolved Question: Need washer and dryer help.?
I am buying my first washer and dryer for my new home. I have no idea what to buy. I have a family of 3, one being a full grown man and the other a child thats 7 yrs. old. I would like a nice size washer and dryer able to fit a queen size comforter easily in both. I'm not sure WHAT SIZE CAPACITY or if I should get a FRONT LOADER, TOP LOADER and most of all what BRAND.I need it to be some what quiet as the laundry room is outside the den.Thanks for your help.

Resolved Question: Stacking Washer and Dryer without kit?
I have a 2007 washer/dryer from Maytag Neptune. Model number MAH6700aww and MDG6700aww. It was given to us by my parents for our house. The only problem is that the laundry room can only fit one of them side by side. I was looking into stacking for them but the parts are discontinued. I tried searching all over the place including every appliance part store imaginable. So my other solution I can think of is building a shelf to hold up the dryer. I was thinking about using 2x4. That is the only solution I can think of. What my real questions is there a way to stack laundry machines without using a kit.

Resolved Question: Has anybody used a washer-dryer combo?
A washer and dryer in ONE?? Doesn't seem to good to me? Really need help picking out a washer and dryer but not sure how to figure out what washer and dryer fits me and my familys needs?

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