Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Bookends
Resolved Question: How big should a bookend be?
Y'know, those things that are put at the end of book piles to keep them standing up. I have seen bookbends of different sizes and I'm wondering what's the smallest it can be, and how much would it have to weigh? I'm considering making two GSD heads out of clay and using them as a bookend.

Resolved Question: Grammer question concerning the word bookends as a verb.?
I am attempting to use the word "bookends" as a verb in a sentence, and I wanted to verify it correct because word tags it. I am discussing a part of a story that begins and ends the story. "It bookends the tale." Is this a valid sentence?

Resolved Question: How Much Are My Wilton Bookends Worth?
I have a pair of bookends that say Wilton on the back. They're cast iron reliefs of an amish man and woman. I'm curious if anyone knows anything about them, and how much they're worth.

Resolved Question: Where could I possibly get bookends?
I don't see them at my Barnes and Noble when I'm in there. Where could I get some? Thanks for your help. 🙂

Resolved Question: Can someone describe to me the Mortal Kombat Kollectors' Edition Figurine "Bookend"?
I have seen the images of the Kollectors' Edition, but what i want to know exactly is what is a "bookend", and how is it going to look like? What i'm getting at right now is that it's a figurine of Scorpion on one side and Sub-Zero on the other, then in between you can store your games. Also, does it extend so that you can store large amounts of games such as a bookshelf?

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