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Resolved Question: Can a tin box be used as a tobacco jar?
I have a large tin box that i super glued water absorbant foam to the lid. i was wondering if i could use that as a tobacco tin because i can't find anywere that sells them and i feel it's pointless to order one on the internet. Also as a second question can you use a nut grinder as a tobacco grinder? i need a tobacco jar cause i only smoke on the weekends and i want to keep the tobacco fresh and not dry out

Resolved Question: (10 points to best answer) What is something like a box, jar or basket?
name as many as possible please. Something that you could put gifts in like a box, jar or basket. one word!!! not 2 please example : gift box

Resolved Question: What canned, jarred and boxed goods were available during the UK rationing years 1940's-50's?

Resolved Question: Which Gerber rice cereal is better for my 4mnth old.. single grain cereal (box) or cereal with DHA (tin)?
He is 4&1/2 mnths now and weighs a lil over 18 lbs and the pediatrician has advised me to start solids... so please dont tell me i'm doing the wrong thing here.. I have already started him on the single grain one (box) which he loves btw (he seems fine.. no allergies,etc.) and recently saw the DHA one (tin) on the shelves.. so was wondering if there was any benefit of one over the other? Also is it necessary to try out ALL the different types of cereal (oatmeal,barley) before eventually giving him vegetables/fruits? I dont see the point in that if he is fine with the current one.. I thought the other types were meant for babies who didnt do well with the rice..

Resolved Question: I'm looking for storage jars for my herbs at a cheap price where can I find them?
I have recently accumulated a large amount of herbs. Currently I have them thrown in a drawer in our pantry. However in the summer we have had problems with moths. So I am looking to transfer the herbs into plastic jars of some sort. I could even do tin or glass if it was cheap. So I am looking for jars that are 12-20oz. and are cheap. Like I found one site that had plastic containers, one box for 300.00 , yikes! I'm thinking 1-2$ a jar or less. Do you have any ideas for me??? It could be websites, stores, or even just plain ideas on how to store them. Thanx.

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