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Resolved Question: How do I find a wholesaler to buy spiritual, magical, and fantasy gift items such as candles, candle holders,?

Resolved Question: Can I use a ceramic pot as a votive candle holder?
I have a cute little ceramic pot my friend gave me that I would love to use as a candle holder! It is made to have flowers in it though, so there is a little hole in the bottom. Is there a way for me to use it for candles?

Resolved Question: How do you burn a votive candle in a candle holder and still get the remaining out when it's done burning?
I don't have much luck with votives and anytime I burn them, the little candle holder is put them in is usually ruined forever becuase I can never get all the old wax out. I just bought 2 stemmed votive candle holder as part of my holiday decor and would like to keep them clean-not getting messed up the first time I have to switch candles. I have tried the adding water in the bottom method-but it never works.

Resolved Question: Can I use oven bake/air dry clay to make candle holders?
Can I use ovenbake/airdry clay to make candle holders? Is it possible to use ovenbake or airdry clay to make a candle holder? Specifically, the candle holder's design would be similar to this one: The tealight goes inside and light and heat escape through the little windows and doors. Or would it be safer to alter the design to have a glass globe to hold the tealight, like this design: Is this something that ought not be attempted with clays that aren't fired in a kiln?

Resolved Question: Best clay for candle holders?
I want to make some candle holders,but I don't know what clay to use. I can get either white polymer clay or white air-dry clay. Will the heat of the candle destroy the clay? If I cover it with acrylic topping, will it catch on fire? Thanks!

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