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Resolved Question: Decorative Shampoo Bottles?
I want to start purchasing those large shampoo bottles because it's cheaper, but they're too large and bulky to fit in my shower. Does anyone know of a good website that sells empty decorative shampoo bottles that are regular sized? I'd like for them to be stylish, as well. Thanks!

Resolved Question: What clear hard plastic could be molded into decorative bottles that sparkle in the light as cut crystal does?
I am a craftsperson, and want a set of decorative bottles to hold hygiene products like shampoo, bath gel, mouthwash, etc. on my bathroom vanity. These bottles have to be unbreakable, and I want them to sparkle and be pretty to look at.

Resolved Question: Can I find decorative wine bottles at Michaels?
I just moved into my new condo and I have been trying to decorate everything. I like the whole italian vibe, I have some cool pictures of italian food and wine pictures, but I want actual wine bottles to put on top of my cabinets. Where can I find empty wine bottles? Will Michael's have them? I also want fake grapes that can hang on top of the cabinets as well..

Resolved Question: How to create this decorative bottle fruit, rosemary, etc?
Does anybody know any good websites or ways to create the pretty oil bottles with rosemary in it? And what is in the ones with lemon and oranges? Like this picture below.

Resolved Question: Where do I find decorative countertop bottles?
Im trying to find the bottles with either fruits/vegetables/herbs infused with some type of oil. Usually you find the bottles placed on countertops in the kitchen for decorative use only. Specifically looking for a website that might sell them.

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