Decorative Fruit And Vegetables

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Resolved Question: Where can I find good bargain on Artificial / Decorative Fruits / vegetables in Singapore?
I need about 50. Hopefully to get these fruit at about SGD1 per item.

Resolved Question: Which fruits are decorative (or ornamental)?
i think star fruit would go into that category but what about kiwi and persimmon?.. i was just shopping and for WIC i can get fruits and veggies... i got kiwi and persimmons cuz i love them but at check out they told me they're not allowed. and WIC paper says only '' decorative fruit'' not allowed... so which ones are allowed and which ones are not? also, some time ago i bought strawberry and everything was fine,.... this really got me mad....

Resolved Question: What are some tall and fat fruits and vegetables?
what are some tall and fat fruits and vegetables? im am entering a decorative food centerpeice competition and am attempting to make a city out of fruits and vegetables.i need six fruits that are aproxomotly six inches tall and at least two inches wide for buildings. if u know any please help.

Resolved Question: Do Vegans practice taxidermy on fruit and vegetables?

Resolved Question: What are the flavor, color and textural components of fruits and vegetables?
our teacher didn't add any thing on the question...

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