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Resolved Question: Decorative bowl, plate or tray?
I am looking for a large decorative bowl, plate or tray that can hold 6 orbs that has the fleur de lis on it and possibly in a red color. I've looked online but cant seem to find anything. Please help!

Resolved Question: How can I make a ceramic or clay plate without access to a kiln, that won't crumble later?
Would polymer clay work?

Resolved Question: I have a bowl that I am not sure is safe to eat out of if it has an underglaze is it safe?
Came across a bowl at a second hand the design has an underglaze it safe to eat out of? wanted to use it for a soup bowl perfect size but wondering if it will harm my health has anyone else heard of certain types of bowls and plates that are not used for eating because they have some type of glaze that can cause health probs? I heard about it on the news some time ago but wasn't paying attention....Really would appreciate serious feedback...Thanks in advance...

Resolved Question: What should I use my Astrology plate for? (10 POINTS)?
Okay, so my amazing boyfriend got me a plate with all the astrology signs along the rim. And I love it. The problem is I don't know what to use it for... I don't want to hang it up because I want it to be useful but I don't want to eat off it because it's too decorative for that... So maybe I should use it for burning saps like Frankensense(spelling?) And myrrh and stuff since Pisces like those scents, but can I have some other ideas? Ones that involve astrology please. 10 points to the longest list of creative ideas

Resolved Question: Why so many decorative arts are pink and green?
i was at a local history museum and noticed a lot of the vases, bowls, plates, cups and other decorative arts are a combination of a soft pink and apple green. does anyone know the history behind why these two colors were used together? it's such an odd, yet nice combination. thanks.

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